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Covid19 is a new form of coronavirus and all places of business are subject to government rules and procedures. We have adapted our practice as well as we can to meet these rules and furniture has been moved or removed to allow for 2 meter distances and enable us to meet without wearing masks. Please check the details below and confirm that you understand and that you are happy with these rules before you attend. 

N.B. Please check this page at regular intervals to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

What I Need From You:

  1. Do not visit if you or any members of your household have any symptoms
  2. Alert me if you develop any symptoms between visits
  3. Help to maintain 2m distance at all times
  4. Wear a mask until you are sat down and before you stand up (discretion of counsellor)
  5. Knock on the door at the time of your appointment and stand back behind the marked line
  6. Sanitise your hands before and after visiting
  7. Bring your own water and tissues (if needed)
  8. Leave all non essentail items in the car except keys and any items required for medical reasons
  9. Do not bring cash for payment

What I Need To Do:

  1. Cancel meetings and self-isolate if I or any member of my household develop symptoms or the practice needs to close
  2. Adapt my room so that we can maintain 2m distance at all times
  3. Sanitise my hands before and after visits
  4. Inform track and trace of your name and email if contacted
  5. Not provide water, tissues, bins or bathroom facilities or any tactile therapy tools
  6. Wear a mask until I am sat down and before I stand (discretion of counsellor)
  7. Open window(s) during and between visits
  8. Wipe window handles regularly
  9. Wipe door handles and frames between visits
  10. Wipe hard surfaces between visits
  11. Spray seats with cleaner between visits
  12. Clean light switches and coat stand (if used) 

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